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Experience the Art and History close to our welcoming bed and breakfast in Burgundy.

The winding streets of Auxerre and rich heritage make the capital of Lower Burgundy a city of art and captivating story.

guest rooms near Auxerre in Burgundy

 A few kilometers from Chablis vineyards, a place to explore and enjoy without moderation …
Since the 1st century Auxerre takes advantage of the river trade. In the Middle Ages, the renowned St. Germain Bishop accompanied the rise of pilgrimages.

St Stephen’s Cathedral is built on the site of several buildings in the Romanesque period.
The Crypt of St-Germain Abbey is home to some of the oldest murals of France.
Auxerre, medieval city, has the second largest conservation area in Burgundy after Dijon. All year, visits are proposed to discover this diverse city.

Though halfway between Paris and Dijon, Auxerre (pronounced ‘Ossaire’) turns its face resolutely towards the Burgundian capital. This is a thoroughly Burgundian town, beside a thoroughly Burgundian river that vanishes into the Seine as soon as it leaves the duchy. The footbridge over the Yonne gives a lovely view of the town and the river.

The old quarter, defended by high terrace walls, is wonderfully picturesque, with narrow, winding, cobbled lanes, climbing between uneven, tall, timbered houses with steep tiled roofs.

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