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The eternal hill near our holiday guests accommodation in Burgundy.

Nicknamed the Mont Saint Michel of Burgundy or the eternal hill. Vezelay is the start or the essential step on the road to Compostela.

Basilica Vezelay near guest house in burgundyFalse or true relics of Mary Magdalena. In 1267 a solemn authentication of relics owned by the abbey was made in the presence of the king to revive the pilgrimage. But 12 years later another body is awarded to Magdalene is found in Saint-Maximin in Provence and the pope says it is the only authentic.

Vezelay will lose its fame and appeal of his pilgrimage. Some diehards continue to come to venerate the saint. But the basilica collapsed in 1190 over the faithful and his dubious relics are partially destroyed by fire and by the Huguenots in 1659. Irons were left as votive offerings; they were used to a vanished choir grid.

It is near Vezelay at Cordelle that St. Bernard in 1146 preached the second crusade. Some authors found that his speech was made within the basilica or on the porch or on a hill near the Abbey. History is full of little mysteries…

Carpe Diem holiday guests accommodation in Burgundy.

Source Patrice Vachon / Editions Gisserot

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