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Located a few kilometers from our exquisite guest house in Burgundy…

Everyone has heard of Saulieu thanks to the renowned Michelin starred Bernard Loiseau.

Saulieu is worth a detour to appreciate its beautiful houses and its 900-year-old Saint Andoche basilica. The church was built in the early twelfth century and consecrated on December 21, 1119.

Saint Andoche Basilica would be born of a dream of Charlemagne sleeping in the woods of Saulieu, according to an old legend.

saulieu-guest-house-burgundyThe building withstood the wars of a hundred years and religion, the French Revolution. It’s a fire that will be the most destructive. It was partly rebuilt in the fourteenth century. Inside, the carved capitals have remained intact. The 14th century oak stalls are beautifully crafted with multiple characters. At the back of the choir, we admire a reliquary cabinet, which contains the skull and bones of Saint Andoche.

We can also admire the gospel given by Charlemagne. The cover is silver, the parchment of the gospels date from the twelfth century. The sarcophagus of Saint Andoche is placed under the altar. Great contemporary organs. Visit can be made using audio headphones or accompanied by a guide.

In the neighboring chapel, a contemporary sculpture, carved in a beam of 600 years, represents the martyrdom of Saint Andoche hanging by the feet. Indeed, the Saint was hanged by the feet until death followed in the year 177 in the Gallo-Roman village of Sidolocum, today Saulieu.

For the commemoration of the 900 years, reconstructions in 3 dimensions are projected to appreciate the detail of the sculptures.

To enjoy your visit to Saulieu and its treasures, visit:

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