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During your stay at our fully restored house in Burgundy, discover Montreal in Yonne.

En route to the Basilica in Vezelay:

montreal-church-bed-and-breakfast-burgundyThe history of this village dates back to the sixth century. It is built on a hill overlooking the Serein valley. The Ansérics, the Capetians Dukes, the Valois Dukes resided in Montreal (Mount Royal). It makes this village a genuine history book. You will see the fortifications and houses with refined architectures.


The highlight being the church Notre Dame dating back to the twelfth century. It is a fine transition between Romanesque and Gothic. It was restored by Viollet-le-Duc. Inside you can admire the carved stalls of the sixteenth century.

Eight kilometers from Avallon, towards Montbard  the early Gothic also reigns in the church of Montreal-sur-Serein built since 1160. This beautiful white light flooded church also houses a remarkable platform of the twelfth century and beautiful stalls whose execution, dating 1522 is attributed to the  Rigolley brothers from Nuits-sur-Armançon.
Puffy faces and broad smiles due to wine,  mercies  decor in towers and monsters, biblical characters dressed in Renaissance fashionable clothes are of remarkable vivacity.

In the village there are also some interesting vaults that remind us that « Montreal », owned vineyards, until the end of the nineteenth century.

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