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In the Mâconnais, a few kilometers from our accommodation with breakfast in Burgundy, the vines are different. It is no longer a straight rampart, restricted in space, such as in the Côte-d’Or or in the Côte Chalonnaise. Here, the “Terroir” appears to have been created by chance. Based on more favorable conditions: as soon as the ground, the slope or the exposure allow it, they prevail over the fields, pastures or woods.

macon-bed-and-breakfast-burgundyOn leaving the Côte Chalonnaise passing through the plain, before reaching Tournus, the landscape takes shape once again. You are in the Mâconnais. An area of transition between the north and the south of France. There is a subtle change in the air. It seems to fit with Mediterranean scents.

The surroundings become contrasting, between vines and valleys. Environment is transformed. Roofs with their abrupt slopes, give way to more gentle slopes. The flat tiles are replaced by curved, or “Roman’ tiles, just like the ones seen in Provence. You will notice verandas, reminding us that the weather is more clement here  and that the people take the time to enjoy life.

In the villages, the Roman churches are a sign of the significance of Cluny Abbey. Just a stone’s throw away, which influenced the region from the 10th century until the French Revolution.

Although Chardonnay continues to dominate for the white wines, unveiling different nuances from those which prevail further north. The Pinot Noir is largely replaced by Gamay for the red wines.

Please, contact our accommodation with breakfast in Burgundy for your accommodation when touring in the area.

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