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Close to Noyers sur Serein, perched on a small hill. A few kilometers from our charming guest rooms, the village of Jouancy is the smallest village in Yonne. It has a church, a castle, a town hall and only 26 inhabitants.

It is the old classroom that today serves as town hall. The small village can be visited by foot and one can admire its small old houses with their gardens. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside and enjoy a soothing calm.

jouancy-guest-rooms-burgundyThe village church has eleventh century elements. Inside the building you can admire frescoes painted in the 12th century, among others, the representation of the vases of the Holy Spirit. The church will be enlarged in the 15th century because the population of the village increases. For security, the church is locked, but the inhabitants of the village will not hesitate to open its door for a visit.

A small wonder of the village is the castle of Jouancy XII and XV century with its typically Burgundy’s glazed roof tiles . Catherine de Medici worried to see the Protestants approaching Paris, imagine this citadel to block their way.

It is thanks to the current owners that the castle was saved from destruction. The building can be seen from the entrance porch. The castle is private and cannot be visited.

Please do not hesitate to contact our charming guest rooms for accommodation during your stay in Burgundy.

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