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The Alchemical Mansion. On the national 6, between Auxerre and Avallon en route to our guest rooms, the motorist going south crosses the small town of Arcy-sur-Cure. A hamlet, the Val Sainte-Marie slightly dominates the village.

guest-rooms-arcyThis is where you will find the Manoir du Chastenay, formerly known as Château du Lys. Located at the junction of the Roman road to Agrippa and the one taken by the pilgrims to Compostela. The manor is also the scene of paranormal operations.

It dates from 1549 and is said to be a place of alchemy. Many symbols can be seen engraved on its walls. It’s up to you to find the recipe for the famous philosopher’s stone.

This strange residence held many other surprises. It is said to be visited by supernatural entities. We hear strange noises there and people claim to have seen a white lady appear at one of the windows, the ghost that is said to be of a lady from Estut-Assay, the chatelaine at the time of the revolution. .

This woman loved her castle so much that she came back to it and even comes back from time to time.

But this white lady is pure invention. The real white lady is based on a well-known historical fact.

In 1567 the lord of Crain, leader of the Huguenots, took part in the looting of the town of Auxerre and brought back in his booty the hunt for Saint Germain.

Unable to melt it, he had it buried in a pit. It is said that a white lady tried this ungodly act in vain.

Since then, no one has been able to find this hunt and it is said that the white lady prowls in Val-Sainte-Marie, around the castle, in order to attract passers-by to show them where she is.

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Source Lieux insolites de Bourgogne.

Patrice Vachon

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