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A few kilometers from our guest accommodation, nested in the heart of Burgundy. A country rich for its History and the beauty of the countryside.

« L’avallonnais » in Burgundy, a region of discovery!

Its hilly landscapes are made by the forests of the Morvan and the deep valleys carved out by wild rivers. As well as the fields of the “Terre-Plaine” valley, which breed the typical Charolais cows.  Those various hilly landscapes offer beautiful horizons over the plateau and the steep woody countryside.

bed-and-breakfast-avallonNot only natural features, but also cultural and architectural assets of Avallon will incite you to visit the area. Take your time in its towns and villages which have preserved their medieval atmosphere. Especially Avallon, which is surrounded by ramparts and terraced gardens overlooking the Cousin valley. See also Noyers-Sur-Serein, still characterized by studs and cut stones. Columns and carved pinnacles, and his succession of narrow streets and small squares. Step back in time for several centuries in Montreal. Don’t forget Quarré-les-Tombes, a village of the Natural Park of Morvan, with enigmatic sarcophagi, or Saint- Léger-Vauban, the birthplace of Marshal Vauban. Finally, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vezelay, and its basilica, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, overlooking the Cure valley and the surrounding vineyards.

For funny or sports activities… by foot, horse, by bicycle, in trees, on water or in the air, make your choice among a large offer in the “Avallonnais”!

Please feel free to contact our guest accommodation for your accommodation when touring in the area.

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