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This small city of Yonne in Burgundy. Located a few kilometers from our charming guest rooms. Chablis is worth a visit which will allow you to discover its hidden treasures.

saint-bris-vineyard-burgundyCapital of the most famous white wine in the world, the town was founded in the 9th century. Monks who fled the Norman invaders and transported the relics of their patron saint, Martin de Tours, took refuge there in 867. They then founded a monastery on the lands that the Emperor Charles the Bald had given them.

It was around this monastery that the village was formed, which was later protected by a double enclosure. One, built in 1403, was defended by twenty-nine towers and three doors; the second which surrounded the suburb did not prevent the Huguenots from taking the city in 1568 and burning most of it.

In 1940, during the war, the old half-timbered houses in the center were destroyed by bombing. However, to this day Chablis keeps all its cachet.

Its narrow and picturesque streets are lined with 15th and 16th century houses. Part of the ramparts is still standing with the “Porte Noël” and its two towers as well as the monks’ accommodation and the residence of Father Provost.

The Saint Martin church, early Gothic, was built from the 12th to the 13th century. It houses very beautiful 16th century stalls, 13th century statues and 17th century paintings, including a remarkable death of Saint Joseph. The choir has a pilgrimage ambulatory. A walk along the Serein river or its reach will allow you to discover the beautiful houses located on the banks.

At the tourist office, you can hire a bicycle or a scooter for a walk in the Chablis vineyard. All the big names in the vineyard will offer tastings in the heart of the village. Many choices of restaurants. We will be happy to advise you during your visit.

Chablis, a village to be enjoyed without moderation a few kilometers from our charming guest rooms.

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