Gastronomy of Burgundy

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Carpe Diem B and B with its gourmet table d’hôte welcomes you.

Burgundy is famous for its exceptional wines and its delicious Charolais meat, but it is also a region of local products, 100% French. We have snails, born and raised in our area and not imported from Eastern countries. We have our organic pickles harvested by hand in the Yonne and packaged by “Maison Marc”. These pickles are found on the finest tables in France and the Elysée Palace. We have our real mustard. Dijon mustard is not a protected designation. The seed comes from Canada and the manufacturing can be anywhere in the world.

gastronomy-burgundy-carpe-diemBurgundy mustard has an IGP label, guaranteeing the origin and place of manufacture of the product. Almost abandoned in the twentieth century, lack of subsidies, the culture of mustard is revived, and today covers more than 6000 hectares. It is a valuable crop for organic farming because it does not require treatment. It is also an excellent green manure.

Unlike Dijon mustard, where the seeds are soaked in vinegar, Burgundy mustard is made from white wine from Burgundy.

This condiment known in antiquity, promoted by the Dukes of Burgundy, is an emblematic product of our territory.

“Maison Fallot” in Beaune, has been making these mustard in the traditional way since 1840. The seeds are crushed with the stone wheel, which avoids heating them with an industrial process. Thus, they keep all their characteristics at the level of aromas. In addition to basic recipes, we can discover mustard flavored with truffle, blackcurrant, tarragon, basil, walnuts, gingerbread, green pepper, honey, etc … Bon Appétit.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know the availabilities of Carpe Diem B and B with its gourmet table d’hôte.

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