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Not far from our charming bed and breakfast in-Burgundy, Druyes is located at the top of a cliff protected by its medieval castle, and in the valley around the lake clear springs. This village full of charm is to be discovered for a bucolic and romantic walk.

druyes-burgundy-bed-and-breakfastOf course, there is the castle of the twelfth century built at the time of King Philip Augustus. A castle without a keep but inhabiting a seigniorial palace still visible today. At the top of the postern tower, you will be able to admire the landscape to 20 kilometers to the round.

Discover in the heart of the village the sources of the Druyes. There colors are reminiscent in certain seasons, the lagoons of the tropics. It is an enchanting and wild corner. In the cliff you will see the Cave of the Fairies, the one that settled saint Romain in the 6th century . The church of the village which bears the name of this saint is one of the most beautiful examples of Burgundian Romanesque art. Next to it is a remarkable tree. A multi-century lime tree.

The village is home to 4 historical monuments. A castle. The church. An old mill to grind oak bark for tanning skins.  Finally a neoclassical washhouse built under royal decree. Its sixteenth century oak structure is in the shape of an overturned boat hull.

Jean-Roch Coignet, captain of the imperial guard who participated in all Napoleonic campaigns, was born in Druyes on August 16, 1776.

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