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Owners of Mauperthuis domain, near our friendly guest house in Burgundy. Laurent and Marie-Noëlle Ternynck have just bough the Domaine des Marronniers in Chablis.

Domaine des marronniers chablis bourgogne near b and bEstablished since 1992 in the vineyard of Auxerrois. They acquired the Domaine des Marronniers in Préhy near the village of Chablis. Their land extends over 20 hectares. It is for them a great opportunity to expand their range, with white burgundy, Petit Chablis, Chablis and two premiers crus, and Montmains Coast Jouan.

This vast area of the domaine des Marronniers near our guest house will also host harvest the Mauperthuis domaine. The wines of the two areas will be vinified in Préhy but with two distinct entities.

Wines of their two domains are selected at our dinners in our guest house.

A hospitality charter!

In Burgundy, 375 estates and merchants open their doors to share their passion and enthusiasm for their work and introduce you to the vast diversity of their wines.

Whether they are winegrowers, « caves coopératives » or wine merchants, the estates that adhere to the De vignes en Caves quality charter are committed to giving you a warm, personalized welcome. And also a free tasting of at least one wine. In a convivial atmosphere over a glass of wine, you will be able to learn the secrets of grape varieties, appellations, flavors and aromas of Bourgogne wines.

Contact our friendly guest house for accommodation when touring in Burgundy.

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