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A few kilometers from Sens, on the banks of the Oreuse River, where our B & B Burgundy is located, stands a magnificent building: the Château de Fleurigny.

B & BThis remarkable building is flanked by two round towers. It is built on an island, therefore surrounded by water. With its drawbridge, it was very well protected from various external agressions. It was rebuilt in 1520 on the site of an old castle destroyed by the English in 1378.

Only the fortifications have remained intact. Today, the castle combines the graces of the Renaissance style with the austere aspect of 14th century military architecture.

The castle is surrounded by a majestic park and has a very large circular vegetable garden. It is accessed through a monumental gate, the construction of which dates back to the 15th century.

You access the chapel through a very beautiful portal very richly decorated with flowers, branches, birds and beautiful paintings from Jean Cousin’s school. The chapel has very beautiful stained-glass windows and houses a Merovingian sarcophagus as well as the family’s tomb plaques prior to the revolution.

On the first floor of the chateau is a bedroom decorated with 16th and 17th century painted woodwork.

As for the guard room, it contains a splendid fireplace considered to be one of the most beautiful sculpted fireplaces of the Renaissance.

The old stately farm has been transformed into an equestrian center.

The Château de Fleurigny is a private property. Visits are possible during heritage days or by appointment. It has been listed as a historical monument since 1889.

Do not hesitate to check the availability of our B & B Burgundy during your stay.

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