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The abbey, located not far from our guest house in Burgundy, owes its name to a curious monolith in the form of menhir lying on a large block of stone. It was possible with one hand to move this pebble several tons. Today for safety reasons both blocks have been sealed.

Abbey-b&b-in-MorvanThe abbey which houses 46 Benedictine monks was founded in 1850 in the municipality of Saint-Léger-Vauban. Nestled in the heart of the forest, it is an ideal place to relax and discover fabulous walks around. The church was restored in 1992 by a Belgian architect. The exterior of the building is formed by a triangle to recall the symbol of the Trinity.

Public has access to the church and the big bookstore. A permanent exhibition explains to the visitor the history of this place. The visitor has the opportunity to be welcomed by the monks for a spiritual retreat for a few days.

One will find religious, historical and philosophical books as well as farm products there.

The Abbey Farm is 800 meters from the place of worship. The monks make organic cow and goat cheeses.

So the monks live in complete autonomy. The monastery has its own hydroelectric power plant and a wood boiler for heating the various buildings.

Do not hesitate to call our guest house in Burgundy, for your accommodation, for your visit to the Abbey.

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